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Finding the Will of God

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Bruce K. Waltke is professor of Old Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary, Orlando, Florida, and Professor Emeritus of Biblical Studies at Regent College, Vancouver, British Columbia.

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 Author: Bruce K. Waltke

"Bruce Waltke shows that God guides his servants not by dubious techniques of divination but by the discipline of pure-hearted decision making.  Waltke's quiet, honest, Bible-soaked wisdom will be a godsend to puzzled people in this much misunderstood area of Christian concern.  This book is a beam of true light and a breath of fresh air."

-J. I. Packer, author of "Knowing God" 

For many, trying to to discover "God's Will" is a confusing and frustrating process.  

In an effort to divine God's will, people try praying harder, meditating more on Scripture, or briefly living a better life.  

But as this insightful book shows, such activities have more in common with paganism than with Biblical Christianity.

Exploring a misunderstood area of Christian concern, Bruce Waltke asks, Can we ever know God's will?  

In pursuit of a satisfying answer, he examines many practices that Christians pass off as divine guidance --- following hunches, casting lots, looking for signs, and others --- and suggests that such practices actually bear an unsettling resemblance to the ways pagans seek divine guidance.  

Waltke gently shows readers that that the truest course to the will of God is found instead in faithfully answering the call to walk close to the Lord and be conformed to his likeness.  

Only then will we have the heart of god and know what pleases Him.

Packed with clear, practical advice for meaningful Christian living, Finding the Will of God will be valued by all. _______________________________

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"What a rare combination: good biblical interpretation and judicious common sense, combined in the right mixture --- all in one book.  Waltke's style is provocative, thoughtful, refreshing, and richly illustrated from living applications of the principles he advocates."

-Walter C. Kaiser, Jr.; Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary _______________________________

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