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Faith in the Medieval World

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2002 G. R. Evans.  This edition 2002 Lion Publishing.

Published in the U.S.A. by InterVarsity Press.



Author: G. R. Evans

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"Christians could go into a church anywhere in medieval Western Europe and find the same symbols, rites, or forms of worship, and the same religious language, Latin.  

Although the Western Church eventually stretched from the Atlantic Ocean to the borders of  Greece, and from Scandinavia to the border with Islam in the south, almost everyone "belonged" to this community and was consciously a part of it."

-G. R. Evans in the Introduction

Faith in the Medieval World paints a fascinating picture of a turbulent stage of religious history.  The author begins by giving an overview of Christianity in the West, in the middle ages, before looking at the key aspects of medieval faith: the Bible and belief; popular piety and devotion; the Crusades and the idea of 'holy war': politics and the Church; rebellion against authority; and the road to Reformation.

Drawing heavily on the central figures involved such as Gregory the Great, John Wyclif, Peter Abelard, Dante Alighieri and Bernard of Clairvaux --- this book is a must for all those keen to understand one of the most enthralling periods of history. ______________________________

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