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Faith in the Byzantine World

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2002 Mary Cunningham.  This edition 2002 Lion Publishing.

Published in the U.S.A. by InterVarsity Press.



Author: Mary B. Cunningham

InterVarsity Histories

"Byzantine Orthodoxy provided most of its adherents with a unified and comprehensive worldview.  

Belief in the Triune God...formed the basis of this belief.  

Beyond this basic Christian doctrine, the cults of the Virgin Mary, the saints and holy symbols such as icons and relics, as well as religious practices such as attendance at church, keeping the fasts and celebrating the feast days, helped to define the Byzantines' sense of cultural identity."

-Mary Cunningham in the Introduction

For many people the Byzantine world is a mystery---a world which they would like to discover but has so far eluded them.  

Faith in the Byzantine World offers the opportunity to explore this most fascinating of empires and to understand the central role of Christianity in its development.

Covering the period between 330 and 1453, Mary Cunningham begins by providing an outline of the history of the Byzantine Church, and then looks at key aspects of its outward expression, including the solitary ideal; holy places and holy people; service to the community; the nature of belief; and art, architecture and icons.

Fabulously illustrated, this book is an excellent introduction for those seeking to appreciate the history, art, and sheer "otherness" of the Byzantine era. __________________________________

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