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Every Woman in the Bible

Fully Illustrated

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 Author: Sue and Larry Richards

Discover all the women in the Bible and how powerfully their lives speak to us today.

  • What was life like for women in Biblical times?

  • In what ways did Jesus show unusual appreciation for women?

  • Were women given positions of leadership in the earliest churches?

Dr. Larry Richards joins his wife, Sue Richards, to answer these and hundreds of other questions in Every Woman in the Bible.  

This comprehensive resource offers new insights into the individual life and contribution of each woman who appears in Scripture, with powerful life lessons for today.

From the struggles of Rebekah and Rachel to the faithfulmness of Mary and Martha, and from the ruthless to the remarkable, from the most obscure to the most well-known, this volume vividly portrays the lives and experiences of Bible women.

Building upon the most up-to-date scholarship, it gives you an accurate and interestingunderstanding of the people they were and the times in which they lived.

Dozens of charts and illustrations oirganioze information helpfully and add visual interest to your study.

Topical and Scripture indexes save you time and expand the reach of your own Bible study.

With Every Woman in the Bible, you have your own you have a complete reference tool that will satisfy your curiosity about Bible women and equip you with fresh, life-changing wisdom to share with others.

Sue Richards is a retired honors English teacher and a women's Bible study teacher.

She co-authored the book, Ministry to the Divorced, and the study notes in the Zondervan Teen Study Bible and Nelson's Student Bible.

Dr. Larry Richards is the author of over 200 books and study Bible notes for children, youth and adults.  His award-winning books have been translated into 22 languages and used in thousands of churches, schools, and colleges around the world. ______________________________

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Every Woman in the Bible is:

Comprehesive, covering all thewomen mentioned from genesis to Revelation. 

Up-to-date, featuring the latest in Biblical and historical research on the nature oand role of women infamily, society and church.

Enriching, drawing life application lessons from the experiences of Bible women.

It Features:

Cultural insights from the world of the Bible, including the laws, beliefs, and customs concerning women.

Illustrations for enhanced understanding, with more than 100 drawings, charts, sidebars, and maps.

Easy access to the information you want through the topically arranged Expository Index and complete Scripture Index. ___________________________

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