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 Dramatized New Testament - KJV

Dramatized Bible - KJV

Narrated by Alexander Scourby (On CDs)

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New Testament (15 CDs):

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Our Comments:

There is no absolutely no doubt in our minds that having the Bible on Audio is a must-have for a spiritual blessing (whether on CDs, MP3, or Cassette).  Like many things, however, it comes down to a matter of personal preference as to which one to have.

King James Version

Most everyone seems to prefer Alexander Scourby's reading for the King James Version.

Monk Bob prefers the Dramatized Alexander Scourby, finding it more interesting.  It is more like a Movie soundtrack.  When there is a battle, you here battle sounds in the background, you hear a woman's voice when a woman is speaking.  It still has Alexander Scourby reading all the narration parts.

I (Monk Preston) for the KJV personally prefer Alexander Scourby reading every word (NOT Dramatized). 

New King James Version

If you like the New King James Version, you can have the very best Dramatized Version ever made bar none, with The Word of Promise.  No surprise why -- over 100 actors participated, including twenty or so among the best in the world.  This is definitely Monk Linda's favorite.

For a NOT Dramatised version of the New Testament only, as the wife of an Eastern Orthodox priest so aptly put it, referring to her favorite audio version: "Johnny Cash has a wonderful voice, and he reads very well."

We all here have at one time or another listened to all of these versions, and been blessed by all of them -- it is only in the order of how we would rank them where our personal preferences come to the forefront. ________________________________________

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Add a new dimension to your devotions!  

The world's best-loved Bible translation is brought to life in this powerful word-for-word narration by renowned British dramatist Alexander Scourby.

Dozens of additional voices, sound effects, and background music create added impact as you listen at home, in the car, or while exercising. 

Complete Bible (59 CDs):

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Bible Audio Book CDs: 


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