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Creeds of Christendom

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Author: Philip Schaff

This classic 3 -Volume Set is the definitive source on church creeds.  

Philip Schaff introduces and critiques the creeds, including the personalities surrounding their framing and their impact on church history

  • Volume 1 traces the creeds' development through the 19th-century revivals. 

  • Volume 2 explores the original creed forms.

  • Volume 3 includes the evangelical Protestant creeds with translations.

  •  2,547 pages total, three hardcover volumes from Baker. ____________________________

Our Comments:

Our first thought was...why would we want those?  We have our own Statement of Faith...and we use the Nicene Creed in our Worship Service.  The Apostle's Creed and Athanasian Creed are very historical and good to know about...but beyond those?

Of course, if your church has a Creed (like the Presbyterian Church, for instance), you would be interested in your own Creed, but why in anyone else's?

But these were written by Philip Schaff, one of our favorite Christian historians (others would include The Venerable Bede and Eusebius of Ceasarea).  And we read some reviews by Christians who really liked the books.  

What they really cover is not just the Creeds themselves, but the doctrinal movements and histories of the different denominations behind the Creeds.

And there are interesting side trips, like exactly what Martin Luther didn't like about the way the medieval Roman Catholic Church practiced monasticism.  Fascinating! ____________________________

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