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Count Zinzendorf:  

The Story of His Life and Leadership in the Renewed Moravian Church

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John R. Weinlick

1908 -1990

Dr. John R. Weinlick was professor of church history at Moravian Theological Seminary, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, from 1946 to 1971.  

A Moravian minister, Dr. Weinlick served pastorates in Wisconsin and North Carolina.  

A graduate of Moravian College and Moravian Theological Seminary,  he received his M.A. from the University of Wisconsin and his PH.D. in religion and society from Columbia University.

The son of German-born parents, Dr. Weinlick was brought up in a bilingual home.  This knowledge of the German language, coupled with his thorough study of the Moravian Church, more than adequately provided him with the background necessary for this biography of his church's most important figure. _________________

1984,1989, 2001 by the family of John R. Weinlick.

Published by The Moravian Church in America. __________________

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Author: John R. Weinlick

The Moravians started sending Missionaries Worldwide in 1732!

The Saxon nobleman who became first a Lutheran minister, and later a Moravian Bishop

This is the story of Count Nicholas Ludwig von Zinzendorf, the Saxon nobleman whose title opened the doors to power in eighteenth-century Germany--and whose calling made him a pilgrim exile from the place of his birth.

This is the only English-language biography in print of the precocious child who grew up to become the spiritual father of the Renewed Moravian Church.  Born into a family of rulers and trained from Childhood to take his place as a leader, Zinzendorf turned his driving energy from affairs of the state to matters of the church, becoming first a Lutheran minister, and later a Moravian bishop.

Experiment in Communal Christian Living

This authoritative biography pictures Zinzendorf throughout his entire life.  His early association with the German Pietists; the beginning of Herrnhut, an experiment in communal Christian living; his family background, education, and brief state career; his absorption with the Moravian cause and his long struggle to keep the group within the bounds of the Lutheran Church--all are vividly recounted here.  

We see his organization of the missionary movement within the ranks of Protestantism.

We follow the pilgrim Count during his extensive travels in Europe and his visit to Moravian colonies in America, where he named the community of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.  We learn of his interest in hymnology.  We see his organization of the missionary movement within the ranks of Protestantism.

We also see the Count in the company of people who influenced his life--and whose lives he in turn influenced: his wife, the countess; Christian David, builder of Herrnhut; John Wesley, founder of Methodism; Christian VI, king of Denmark; David Nitschmann, first Bishop of the Renewed Moravian Church; the French Cardinal Louis de Noailles, a leader of the Jansenist  faction of the Roman Catholic Church; General James Oglethorpe,  _____________________________

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  founder and first Governor of Georgia.

...devoted his entire life to the service of Jesus Christ.

Count Zinzendorf is richly illustrated with line drawings of places and people prominent in the Saxon's life: the Zinzendorf home in Berthelsdorf, the countess, Herrnhut, Bethlehem, the count himself.  Here, for every Christian, is the moving biography of a man who as a small child met God and devoted his entire life to the service of Jesus Christ.

Originally published in hardcover in 1956, Count Zinzendorf is now available in this paperback edition with an up-to-date bibliography added. ______________________________

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