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The Apocalypse Code

Find Out What the Bible Really Says about the End Times

and Why it Matters Today

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Hank Hanegraaff is host of the Bible Answer Man, heard daily throughout the U.S. and Canada.  He is President of the Christian Research Institute International and author of such award-winning bestsellers as The Prayer of Jesus and The Bible Answer Book Hank lives in California with his wife, Kathy, and their eight children. ______________

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2007 by Hank Hanegraaff.

Published by: Thomas Nelson ____________

Author: Hank Hanegraaff

Hank Hanegraaff Reveals the Code to Revelation

Breaking the Code of the book of Revelation has become an international obsession.

The result, according to Hank Hanegraaff, has been rampant mis-reading of Scripture, bad theology, even bad politics and foreign policy.

Hanegraaff argues that the key to understanding the last book of the bible is the other sixty-five books of the Bible---not current events or recent history, and certainly not any complicated charts.

The Apocalypse Code offers sane answers to some very controversial questions:

  • What does it mean to take the book of Revelation (and the rest of the Bible) literally?

  • Who are the "AntiChrist" and the "Great Whore of Babylon" and what is the real meaning of "666"?

  • How does our view of the end times change the way we think about the crisis in the Middle East?

  • Are two-thirds of all Jewish people in Israel really headed for an apocalyptic holocaust?

The Apocalypse Code is a call to understand what the Bible really says about the End Times, and why how we understand it matters so much in today's world. ____________________________

"Provocative and passionate, this fascinating book is a must-read for everyone who's interested in end-times controversies."

-Lee Strobel, Author, The Case for Christ

"This book is a withering and unrelenting critique of the positions of apocalyptic enthusiasts such as Tim LaHaye.  Every fan of the Left Behind series should read this book.  The fog will clear and common sense will return to our reading of the Bible."

-Gary M. Burge, Professor of New Testament, Wheaton College & Graduate School ____________________________

Our Comments:

We commend this book for its clear presentation and explanation of many of the basic methods of Biblical interpretation (Hermeneutics).  It is more than worth reading, owning, and studying just for this.

The book presents an explanation of Eschatology (the study of the End Times) that many Christians may never have seen clearly presented before, or even presented at all, and therefore may not even be familiar with.

Here is presented the "amillenial" view, held by many Evangelicals (and the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Church).  It holds that there is no literal millenium.  

This view makes some good points, and illustrates several errors in current "popular" Theology (for which we are thankful).  

But it has some problems of its own.  For example, if the Millenium is simply "eternity with God", how can Satan be loosed at the end of it? ("And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison," -Revelation 20:7).  

The view of a literal 1,000 year millenium, as held by much Evangelicalism today, was also held by several of the very earliest Church Fathers, including Irenaeus (who was a student of Polycarp, who in turn was a student of the Apostle John--"Milleniallism", from the Latin word for 1,000 was referred to as "Chiliasm", from the Greek word for 1,000 at that time).

As a ministry we do not take an official stand on the different views of eschatology and the various ____________________________

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 interpretations held by differing Christian believers.

Except for those beliefs which are stated in our Statement of Faith:

aball1i.gif (324 bytes) (7.) Christ shall return, there will be a final judgment of eternal reward and eternal punishment.

And also in the Nicene Creed:

"and He shall come again, with glory, to judge the living and the dead; whose kingdom shall have no end."

We do oppose the view of Liberal Theology that man will get better and better and bring about a "Millenium" of 1,000 years of peace by his own efforts---this view is today held mostly by "non-believers"; those Liberal Theologians who have rejected most, if not all, of the basic historic Christian Biblical doctrines.  In the past it was actually held by many fine orthodox Christians, including such Theologians as Jonathan Edwards.  The events of the past century, including WWI and WWII, and the Holocaust, greatly eroded its popularity.

Unhappy With the Introduction

Looking to read about a view of interpreting Revelation, we were very surprised (actually, shocked) at the Introduction, which seems to present the viewpoint often heard in the United Nations that the idea of even having a Jewish State is "racist".  

This is rhetoric heard almost daily in the U.N. from repressive dictatorships with abysmal human rights records. 

Are organizations dedicated to support particular racial groups such as the NAACP then also "racist"?  Is the U.S. Congressional Black Caucus "racist'" because it only admits Black members?

As Hank Hanegraaff himself points out later in the book, the existence of a Jewish State (Israel) can be supported by Christians for reasons having nothing to do with eschatology

One reason would be based on God's love and compassion for all peoples of the world (John 3:16). 

A homeland for the Jewish people was created in 1948 as a response for present and future protection due to the occurrence of the Holocaust during WWII:"never again".  This viewpoint has nothing whatsoever to do with eschatology. _______________________________

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