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Ancient-Future Worship:

Proclaiming and Enacting God's Narrative

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Robert E. Webber was, at the time of his death, Myers Professor of Ministry at Northern Seminary in Lombard, Illinois, and served as the President of the Institute for Worship Studies in Orange Park, Florida.

His many books include Ancient-Future Faith and The Younger Evangelicals. ______________

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Author: Robert E. Webber        ______________________________

Pentecostal churches following the liturgical calendarBaptists draping the sanctuary cross in purple for Lent.  Bible churches celebrating weekly communion.  Young adults raised on praise bands now chanting the Psalms. ______________________________

Publisher's Description:

The road to the future, argues Webber, runs through the past.

This final volume in Webber's acclaimed Ancient-Future series, Ancient-Future Worship, is the culmination of a lifetime of study and reflection on Christian worship.

Here is an urgent call to recover a vigorous, God-glorifying, transformative worship through the enactment and proclamation of God's glorious story. ______________________________

God has a story.  Worship does God's story.

There is a crisis of worship today.  The problem goes beyond matters of style -- it is a crisis of content and form.

Worship in churches today is too often dead and dry, or busy and self-involved.

Robert Webber attributes these problems to a loss of vision of God and God's narrative in past, present, and future history.

As he examines worship practices of Old Testament Israel and the early church, Webber uncovers ancient principles and practices that can reinvigorate our worship today and into the future.

With many models of worship available, choosing a style of worship of God can be a bit overwhelming.

Is it better to go with traditional or contemporary models?

Christians may find themselves asking how early believers worshipped and whether they can provide insight into how we should praise God today.

Rooted in historical models and patristic church studies, Ancient-Future Worship examines how early Christian worship models can be applied to the postmodern church. _____________________________ 

                           Baker Books 2008                           _____________________________

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Pastors and church leaders, as well as younger evangelical and emerging church groups, will find this last book in the respected Ancient-Future series an invaluable resource for authentic worship.                                       ______________________________

Series Information:

Each book presents an issue related to faith and Christian practice from a particular point of view -- that of drawing wisdom from the past and translating these insights into the present and future life of the church, its faith, worship, ministry and spirituality.                                   _____________________________

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