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An Introduction to

Mennonite History

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Author: Cornelius J. Dyck

Third Edition

An Introduction to Mennonite History has been a unique resource for a generation, the preeminent textbook in its field.

...sixteenth century to the present. 

This book is a history of Mennonites from the sixteenth century to the present.  Though simply written, it reflects fine scholarship and deep Christian concern.

...advocated voluntary church membership...

The early Anabaptists advocated voluntary church membership (a believer's church), refusing to baptize infants.  They rejected the sacramental system as a way of salvation, and the authority of state over church.

"Sermon on the Mount Christians"

The Anabaptists found guidance through direct Bible study by individuals and small groups.  They accepted the words of Jesus as final authority.  Called "Sermon on the Mount Christians" by friend and foe alike, they believed that word and deed belong together in Christian living.

 ...their beliefs threatened the existing order...

Because their beliefs threatened the existing order, the Anabaptists were persecuted; this eventually diminished their missionary zeal.  Various groups of Mennonites migrated across Europe, then to North America, Russia, or later Latin America. ____________________________

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Mennonite faith has often seemed strongest in areas of repression.  

Persecution makes Mennonites more conscious of who they are as Jesus' followers.  The fastest-growing Mennonite churches today are in Asia and Africa.  Congregations from around the world are joined through the Mennonite World Conference. ______________________________

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