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Amish Peace

Simple Wisdom for a Complicated World

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About the Author:  

Suzanne Woods Fisher's interest in the Anabaptist culture can be directly traced to her grandfather, W.D. Benedict, who was raised in the Old Order Baptist Brethren Church in Franklin county, Pennsylvania.

Suzanne has contributed to several nonfiction books, and is the author of three novels, and lives in California. ____________

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Author: Suzanne Woods Fisher

Read by: Christian Taylor

Five Central Themes in Amish Life

Do you long for peace in your home, relationships, and everyday life?

Make it a reality!  Organized around five central themes found in the Amish Community, each section of this spiritual resource includes real-life stories, Amish proverbs, interesting facts, and questions for action and reflection.

Transform your life with these simple, practical steps!

Capture the simple peace of the Amish in your own life.

You don't have to become Amish to make personal peace a reality.

Organized around five central themes in Amish life, Amish Peace shows you how you can cultivate a simple life of love, gratitude, and faith in the midst of a very complicated world.

It includes real-life stories and examples of Plain People, Amish proverbs, and fascinating facts about Amish communities.

Each section also contains questions for reflection and action, outlining things you can do in your own life that "make for peace." ___________________________

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