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131 Christians Everyone Should Know

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Editor: Mark Galli (Foreword by J.I. Packer)  From the Editors of: Christian History & Biography magazine.

History isn't just dates, statistics and grand social movements.  Its people.  Fascinating people.

If you think History is boring, take about three minutes and scan through 131 Christians Everyone Should Know.  Zero in on an article.  You may find you can't read just one!

...making history come alive...

These sketches have been put together by the editors of Christian History who have an impressive track record for making history come alive every month for their readers.

Note the diversity: Menno Simons, a pacifist, and the Roman Emperor Constantine, a general.  Leaders of the Reformation - Luther, Calvin, Zwingli - and the Counter-Reformation -Ignatius Loyola and Teresa of Avila.  Men and women.  Teenagers such as Joan of Arc, and aged saints like Polycarp.

And people from so many callings:

...will inspire you to deeper thought and greater faithfulness.

Each personality sketch includes a timeline that gives the historical context in which that person lived.  The book also contains a topical index that will help you find illustrations for teaching and preaching.

Some time spent with 131 Christians Everyone Should Know will forever enlarge your view of "the church as we see her spread out through all time and space and rooted in eternity, terrible as an army with banners" (C.S. Lewis) - a spectacle that will inspire you to deeper thought and greater faithfulness.


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Comments of The Prayer Foundation:

A "Must-Have" Reference Work

We love the extremely important  ministry of Christian History Magazine and we love their book: love their book: 131 Christians Everyone Should Know We recommend this fine book to all Christians as an extremely valuable "must-have" reference work in your personal Christian library. 

Some Important Omissions:

We are greatly disappointed by one glaring omission: George Muller! Founder of Christian orphanages, financial  supporter of world missions (including Hudson Taylor's work in China); and in later life a world missionary evangelist himself.  

Also missing: Columcille (St. Columba - founder of Iona monastic community which converted Scotland to Christianity, and founder of the Irish Celtic missionary movement that re-converted Europe to Christianity after the fall of Rome) 

...and Aidan (the Irish Celtic Missionary Monk who converted pagan northern England to Christianity. 

In fairness, the book does include Columbanus (St. Columban), the Irish Celtic Missionary Monk most responsible for  re-converting mainland Europe to Christianity after the Fall of Rome.

Some Unfortunate Inclusions: 

And we do find extremely offensive the inclusion of at least two persons under the Book's title of 131 "Christians": Walter Rauschenbusch, "Champion of the Social Gospel" (it is not his "social gospel" that bothers us, but his Theological Liberalism that rejected God's "Biblical Gospel").  

Even worse is the inclusion of Harry Emerson Fosdick, "Liberalism's Popularizer", a so-called "Minister", who throughout his adult life rejected, denied, hated, and attacked every basic essential historical Biblical doctrine and believing Christian of his time.

Fascinating and Inspiring 

As to the short biographies of the 129 Christians that comprise the majority of the book's text, you will find them fascinating, and in most cases inspiring beyond anything you could have imagined. ______________________________

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