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 The Bible Answer Man: Hank Hanegraaff

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The Prayer of Jesus

(Book Cover Copyright 2001 by Hank Hanegraaff.  All rights reserved.)

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The Covering: God's Plan to Protect us from Evil ________________________

We have a very warm feeling towards this ministry.  Monk Preston, one of the co-founders of The Prayer Foundation learned the Doctrines and Correct Teachings of Christianity by studying and memorizing the writings of the previous Bible Answer Man, Walter R. Martin, who was the Author of the excellent book, Kingdom of The Cults.  We have donated this book to many small-town libraries across America that couldn't afford it, and feel that a copy belongs in every Christian Home. __________________

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Plan of Salvation  ____________________

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The Bible Answer Man Radio Program

Daily: Monday-Friday (One Hour).*

"Enjoyable, entertaining, always a blessing, and a wonderful learning experience about the teachings of God in the Bible."

-The Prayer Foundation

     Hank Hanegraaff (Author: The Prayer of Jesus and The Covering) answers "Call-In" Questions regarding the various Cults and "Isms" and what they believe, contrasted with the clear teaching of Scripture, and what the Bible teaches on any other subjects that a caller calls in and asks about.  Our very full schedule unfortunately does not allow us to listen every day, but we try to tune in at least once or twice a week.  Enjoyable, entertaining, always a blessing, and a wonderful learning experience about the teachings of God in the Bible. 

     While we are in complete agreement with the Doctrinal Teachings of Hank Hanegraaff, he does take a stand on a Non-essential (to Salvation) Christian Doctrine that we do not take a stand on.  He teaches the doctrine of "Eternal Security" ("once saved, always saved"); that a person can not or will not reject Jesus Christ and their salvation once they become a Christian.  Since there are many that appear to do just this, it is then taught that these must not ever _____________________________  

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Hank Hanegraaff ________________________________

really have been saved in the first place.  Another orthodox Christian view is: that an individual can choose to reject Jesus and their Salvation after becoming a Christian).  

     Because The Prayer Foundation is an Interdenominational Christian Ministry, we do not take official stands on Non-essential (to Salvation) Doctrines, which we leave up to each individual Christian to make up their own minds about and decide for themselves.

     With that clarification made, we cannot recommend this fine Christian Ministry too highly. ________________________________

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