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The Green Monks ™

Are You Already a Monk in Your Heart?

Are You already -- or do you desire to become -- a Man or Woman of prayer?


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"Tada gan iarracht." ("Nothing without effort." -Old Gaelic Saying)

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 The Knights of Prayer ™ Monastic Order is the first of all Christian monastic orders to ever give full monk status to non-resident lay persons (Ordinary Christians as Monks). 

    It is also the first to give full monk status to women.  And one of the first to give full monk status to married persons.    


What We Believe:

Statement of Faith

 Plan of Salvation  



"See the incense of the Lord’s intercession and your prayer will rise up with and in His prayer."

-Adolph Saphir

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The Prayer Foundation™ and the Knights of Prayer ™ Monastic Order are ministries of S.G. Preston Ministries.™ 

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A New Evangelical Monasticism

A Total, Bible-based, Christ-centered, Born-again Evangelical Monastic Lifestyle

The Prayer Foundation™ Knights of Prayer™ Monastic Order  

...was founded in March of 1999 as the original, very first 100% born-again Christian monastic Order in the world.

You can become a Lay Monk with our Knights of Prayer ™ Monastic Order while remaining in your own home, job, career, life.  You can do so whether you are single, married, male or female.

Historically, this has been known as "Oblate" status.  We are the first Christian Religious Order to give full Lay Monk Status to our "Oblates."

If Your Goal is to Grow in Christ, to Become a Man or Woman of Prayer -- to Draw Closer to God, that He might Draw Closer to You...

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  • (1.) Agreement With our Statement of Faith and/or the Nicene Creed. 


  • (2.) Observance of "The Basics" of the Threefold Daily Hours of Prayer.   

We invite you to join us in observance of Morning, Noon, and Evening Prayers (actual times of observance are flexible).    

"The Basics" of the Threefold Daily Prayers: The Lord's Prayer, The 23rd Psalm, Psalm 117.

For additional information see: Daily Prayer: Praying the Hours


We thank God for Your Prayers:

For our 24-hour Prayerchain Requests and for this Ministry, its Monks, and leadership. 

  We have posted a Suggested Course of Study for those who desire one:

...that includes reading the Bible, recommended readings by Christian writers and teachers, scripture memorization, prayer, and other Christian disciplines. 

See our: Growing In Christ Monastic Training Course).

Or: You may already have your own spiritual practice, or find other prayer tips or information on this, our website of Prayer Teaching and Resources.


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Note: all of the information for anyone desiring to live as a Lay Monks (like those in our Order) is posted free to all on this website.


For those who have been blessed by this website and would like to be financial Supporters:

 Your contribution is used to defray the costs of operating this website, including purchase of the Books and Films we review for you in our Book Reviews and Movie Reviews

   As a service to Supporters of this ministry making a contribution of $20.00 (or more) we offer as a way of offering our thanks you, to those who desire it:

  • (1.) Official Registration and recognition as a Lay Monk with our Order.  You will receive a Lay Monk Certificate and Card.

  • (2.) Our Monthly Email Newsletter.

  (Amount listed is in U.S. Dollars.  Outside the U.S.: check with your bank on obtaining an International Money Order in U.S. Dollars). 

Let us know:

  • Please specify that you are requesting a Monk Certificate & Card when mailing in your Contribution.


  • Please specify exactly how you wish your name to appear on your Monastic Certificate & Card, and make certain to include your mailing address with zip code, printed clearly.


  • Please include your email address if you would like to receive our monthly Email Newsletter. 

You may "unsubscribe" to our Newsletter at any time you wish.  We do not ever sell or give away any email addresses.


Checks or Money Orders should be made payable to: 

S.G. Preston Ministries 

And Mailed to: 

S.G. Preston Ministries 

P.O Box 873914

Vancouver, WA 98687

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