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   "Is mor toirm cuilce gun dol troimhpe."

("The storm of reeds is loud till you go through them."  -Old Gaelic Saying)  

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     We thank you in advance for taking the time and effort and remembering to let us know when your prayer has been answered so that those who read this page may glorify God and be blessed. 


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Dear Prayer Warriors,
Our Lord answered our prayer my children got through the exams.
I was also gifted money to pay their fees by my aunt.
The Lord works in a great way.
Thank you Prayer Warriors.
Praise the Lord!

Francina L. 


On your website under Answers to Prayer on the date 10/24/07 you will see my name and a previously answered prayer.  It starts out "About three years ago I found your website..."  Today about 39 months from that date I'm visiting your website again, I believe led here by God.  Suddenly today out of the blue, I remembered your website.  I knew I had requested prayer from you...  My problem was I couldn't remember the name of your website.  I just typed in "prayer website".  After scrolling through 29 pages of prayer-related websites, I found your website on page 30 of my Yahoo search.  I was very excited.  I was healed two weeks after I asked you for prayer.  I apparently had not sent you any info. about what had happened (my healing) until three years later.  I had had back problems for years and was completely healed (two weeks later).                                                                  Unfortunately, I am now having back problems again, and again ask for your prayers.                                                                                              Thank you for all your previous prayers, and for all the prayers you've sent out for everyone else, and thank God for all those answered prayers and miracles which bring hope and faith to us all.                           Gary (Louisville, Kentucky)


Dear Prayer Warriors,
I want to thank everyone for all the prayers lifted for Tim.  He is at home and doing well. The doctor got everything and it has been sent off for testing but he says it looks good.  Wants to see Tim in 3 to 4 months. God is so good!!!!!!! 
Love in Jesus,                                                                                          brother Aldo (Italy)


Dear Monks,
I received an offer at D. in London and I am delighted.
I am waiting for the security and reference checks to go through successfully so that I can move onto a fresh and new and joyful stage of my life.
Praise God! 
I have been so anxious waiting for this and I had perfect peace about this.
God bless,
Victoria S. (U.K.)

Original Prayer request (2/19/11): Please do pray for blessings on my life.  I have had a second interview at D. and they were very positive but there has been a delay.  Pray that all references are good and clean and there is no bad word said against me to jeopardise this position.  Pray I hear one way or another, but pray for good news about this job and for a clean and fresh start.  Pray for God's favour and that He will go before me and I will be successful today.
Pray for blessings on my life so that I can be a blessing to others.
In Jesus' name, Amen.                                                                                 Victoria S. (U.K.)


Thank you for praying for our own Monk Bob (85 years old).  God has totally healed him from the severe sickness that he had.

Original Prayer Request (2/17/11): Please pray for Monk Bob, who has had a cold/flu for four months straight now, with no medicine (up to Penicillin) having any effect.


Dear intercessors,

Praise the Lord!

On the 14th of January my family and I were called to court to answer about a car accident occurred to my daughter Valy two years ago.  The meeting went well for us.  The court understood that the injured part said many lies to gain much money from our Insurance Company.  I thank you for all the prayers lifted for us.  God is good in all the time!

Love in Jesus,

Brother Aldo (Italy)


I sent a request I believe nearly a year ago about a grave misunderstanding that had tremendous implications for me and my family.  Today the prayers were answered.  God has granted us the deliverance we sought, in kindness, mercy and love.  Truth has set us free.  My faith is restored in God's
healing love.                                                                                         
James (Canada)


Dear Brethren,                                                                                     Thank you for joining in prayer for 10 year old Hannah.  She had had a very serious heart condition which the surgeons were uncertain as to treat.  She has had an operation and received a pace-maker.  She is back home with her family now and It is making all the difference. Brother Bruce (U.K.)


Dear Prayer Warriors,
My husband and I have recently reconciled after a 4 year separation. 
In Christ,

Becky (Massachusetts)


Greetings in the name of our Lord most High to Monk Preston, Monk Linda and all other monks in Portland.
We are doing good here, baby Hannah is 2 months old now. Thanks to all the monks and family of the Foundation who prayed for Hannah's safe birth. We could feel God's hand and the waves of prayers by the faithful.
Thanks and Regards,
Monk Justin (Wellington, New Zealand)


Thank you for your intercessions as I approached the end of my Town Pastor training.  There had been an almost overwhelming amount of difficulty thrown my way through the duration of the course and even up to the last hours before my first shift.  The training has been successfully completed, as well as the first night of ministry and subsequent progress interview with the co-ordinators.  I am now in the probationary stage of training until June/July.                                Brother Bruce                                                                                                2 Timothy 4:1-5                                                                                                               “Preach the Gospel at all times and when necessary use words.” – St. Francis of Assisi


Thank you so much for your prayers for my Mother.                           God has answered.  Things look better now than they have in a very long time.  Sometimes He might not answer when we expect or in our timing but He always answers right on time.  Thank You, Lord! Hallelujah!  Thanks again for all of your prayers.  God bless you all and thanks again!
Blessings through Christ Jesus Our Lord,
Brandie (Ohio)
My 8 1/2 year old son, Allan, as you all know, lacks concentration, is hyper-active and does not speak fully, in sentences, like other children of his age.  I have been sending you mail for Allan's exams and healing.
The Lord Jesus Christ had compassion over him, gave Allan concentration to write his exams independently, and showed that He loves and cares for him by way of the results.
Today Allan's exam results came and he scored 84% and stood 19th rank from amonst the 52 children of his class.
The Lord has done a wonderful  miracle in  Allan's life and I do believe that the  day will come when he will be able to speak fully and concentrate on things.
All thanks and glory to the Lord.
Thank you all for your prayers for Allan.                                                   Anita D. (India)


Thanking for answered prayer.  On January 25 I asked prayer to find a job, being totally without income.  I said any odd job was welcome.
On February 1st I found a short job, which was said to be for one 
week but lasted three weeks.  Then I found another temping job which 
started March 1st and will normally last six months, possibly longer.
I praise the Lord for this!
May the Lord bless abundantly all who prayed!                            
Angeline (Brugge, Belgium)


Dear Prayer Warriors,

I want to thanks first our Heavenly Father for His love because He answer always the prayers lifted up for the salvation of the souls.
I thanks also all the Prayer Warriors who have prayed for my daughter Valy.
She has come out from her trouble and depression and last Sunday she goes to Church to worship the Lord.  It was two years she don't come to Church Service.  Allelluja!  God is good and faithful.
May God bless you all and gives strength and power to your prayers.
Love in Jesus,                                                                                           Aldo S. (Italy)


The Restraining Order that (my son's former girlfriend) falsely submitted was dismissed.  Thank you for your prayers.                     D.M. (California) 


Dear Prayer Foundation ,
On the 8th of February I sent a prayer request for Gianni C. who lives in Sydney, Australia.
He was to be operated on in his head because of a 5 cm metastase.
Three times he has had tests and each time they found a 5cm metastase. Miraculously, thanks to prayer it turned out to be 'only' 2 cm.  The operation went very good and he only had to stay a very short time on intensive care.  The doctors were all very surprised!!
Thank you very much!  I hope this will be a seed for him to get closer in willing to know the only true and living God.
(Marga (Netherlands)
ORIGINAL PRAYER REQUEST (2/8/10):                                                I would like to ask prayer for Gianni C. who lives in Sydney, Australia.
He lost his only son a couple of months ago through suicide and during that time he has already been diagnosed with cancer.
Now he has mestases in his head.  He has great difficulties talking and he cannot walk.
On the 10th of February Gianni is going to be operated.  Unfortunately he does not know the Lord Jesus Christ yet.
Thank you very much,
Marga (Netherlands)


Dear Prayer Foundation ,
I would like to inform you that God has Answered the prayers and we won a contract with the Government agency two (2) days after my petitions.  Thanks to you and your prayer warriors for interceding on my behalf.
Warm regards,
James L. (Miami)


You prayed for my son DLM and he got a Good permanent job last week.  Praise God!                                                                                   You prayed for my nephew TMW and he got a temporary job and is doing better.  Praise God!                                                           (California)


Dear friends,
Thank you so much for your prayers.  A few months ago I asked you to pray for my husband Matt.  He was spiritually down and struggling with daily life.  He was under tremendous pressure from work.  In the last few weeks our situation has changed.  He has finished a few projects and required examinations.  His spirits are up and he is spiritually encouraged.  For the first time in a year he made a comment about looking forward to the future.  God has worked in his spirit.  Thank you for praying.  God bless you.
Susanne (Switzerland) 


Thank you very much for your prayers.  My son DNW miraculously found a good paying job, he has a roof over his head, is no longer living on the streets with my 3 little grandaughters, and he has a clean slate.                                                                                                     Thank you for your prayers for my nephew TMW.  He has started a medical school billing program and is finally working toward being ablre to get off the streets and to support himself financially.                    DWM (San Dumas, California)


My 8 year old son, Allan D., lacks concentration and is way behind in talking fully, in sentences, like other children of his age.  He is often made fun of due to this, his infirmity.
I daily place my hand upon Allan's head and say the healing verse  from Jeremiah 30:11 from the Holy Bible.
Today the Lord has wonderfully showed His miracle in Allan's Life.
Today was Allan's Terminals exam results.  Allan secured 74% and stood 20th from amongst the 50 children of his class.
Thank you Jesus, praise you Jesus, for the wonderful miracle in Allan's life.
Anita D. (India)


I don't think God hates me anymore.  I thought He said He will help me.  I feel a lot better.  My landlord agreed to the tenancy agreement and I have a good flatmate for a couple of months and I hope a lot longer.  Amen.  Thank you.
In Christ,                                                                                                 Victoria S. (Singapore)
ORIGINAL PRAYER REQUEST (12/7/09): For my landlord in Singapore to agree the tenancy agreement and for the new flatshare to work out well.  And I pray for employment in London as soon as possible.
For protection for Anna in London who had a bad experience in India.
For Isabelle who is feeling insecure and grieving the loss of her mother that she is comforted and finds good accomodation.
For me to be closer to God and to stop thinking he hates me.  To get my life in order now the trauma is lifted and to have more London, and to find a church and to get better.
In Jesus' sweet name


I got a job at Marriott hotel.                                                                  Biju. (U.A.E.)


Some weeks ago The Prayer Foundation joined in prayer for eighteen year old Emily who ended up in a coma following a traffic accident.  Thank the Lord because she has regained consciousness and is beginning to speak and remember things.  Her family and friends are most thankful to the Lord for the intercessions of The Prayer Foundation.  Please hold her in your prayers that her physical healing may continue and that she may resume growing in the ways of the Lord.  Brother Bruce (John 15:7)


Thank you so much for praying for me.  I requested prayer only yesterday, and was stunned to recieve a check for the amount owed me today.  Glory to God!                                                                 (Washington State)

ORIGINAL PRAYER REQUEST (6/10/09): Please pray for a situation where I worked and am owed $800.00 which I really need badly to pay bills, and it looks like the company is not going to pay me---they keep putting me off, and giving me the runaround.  Please pray that God turns their minds so that they pay me what they owe me.                  (Washington State)


Last year The Prayer Foundation  joined in intercession for Ian who had an emergency operation to remove a brain tumour.  Thank the Lord for His healing as Ian has finished the radio and chemo therapies and been clear of cancer for some months.  He has energy for his family, is fully involved at church again, and returned to full employment.  May his healing strengthen his witness and encourage others’ faith in Christ.  Praise Jesus for His ministry through the stewardship of the The Prayer Foundation                                                                                  Brother Bruce                                                                                    Philippians 4:4


Thank you for your prayers.  Monk Bob's legs have been completely healed---He had to use a cane to go do his street preaching for several months, and was in great pain.                                                                The Prayer Foundation ™  (Portland, Oregon)


My accommodation was sorted out and I agreed the rent with the landlord. Thank you.
My heart is warm again and I am feeling happier.  It has been 7 years since (my traumatic experience) and I truly feel life is returning. and that I am beginning to be in the world again and not in a pit.  Thank you.
I would love to visit your foundation one day.
Much love in Christ,


Dearest Monks,
Praise God and thank you for your prayers.
This morning I found out that my unemployment extension was approved.
I'm back on the rolls and now will survive!  I can also buy medicine for
my cat's condition!
How the Lord hears the prayers of His saints?!  How full of mercy He is?!
I'm so grateful, thank you......Yours in Christ.....
                                  Darrell J. (Kingman, Arizona)

ORIGINAL PRAYER REQUEST (1/4/09): Please pray for me.  I have been unemployed since August and my unemployment extension has been delayed.  I don't know if I'm going to live?
If I'll have to live on the street, if I'll survive, I have Asthma.
I am a Christian and know the Lord.
Please pray that I find a job and that my unemployment benefits will
go through!  Also, could you pray for my cat, he is sickly and I have to buy his medicine, he's my little buddy and I don't want to see him die!!
Yours in Christ......thank you....                                                          Darrell J. (Kingman, Arizona)


Thanks a tons for your prayers, I have got my promotion letter...     Flora F. (Philippines)


I  praise and give thanks to God that he gave me a nice job in top *** Company  (i.e., in software testing tools: Q.T.P.) and made me able to move to USA in 2008.                                                                          Daniel (California)


I asked for Monk Linda to pray for me as I am/was recovering from rape which turned my life upside down over the last few years.
Within a few weeks I came across a Catholic priest who I spoke to in the USA who helped me immensely.  I then came across a woman in the USA who I spoke to who helped even more with the emotions.  It is incredible.  I am feeling peace of mind, joy and have hope for the future, I never believed this could really happen.  I feel so much healing has been received and healthy in mind and soul/spirit.  My head is clear and calm for the first time in years.
Thank you so much for your prayer!
Your ministry is in my prayers.
In Christ,
God Bless,
Victoria (London, U.K.)


Your ministry started praying for me when I began a special daily shot of interferon to fight cirrhosis scarring & bring my hep c viral level down.  I began this about 8-9 weeks ago as you may recall & have some good results. Initially: I lost nearly 20 pounds & developed anemia along w/ other side-effects.

Praise God; my last blood work showed a 200 fold drop in Hep C viral load in only 1 month; normal tests is for a client doing well to have a 100 fold drop after 3 full months; but my dr. took labs after a month showing a drop from 2 million to 1,100, a level that takes others 3 or more months to reach and many don't reach @ all.

My weight is also gradually going up & per my dr. there are no traces of anemia...

Also, the Lord is blessing me financially when I turned 55 in April I had 3 retirement funds made available to me; I rolled over into a trading account, starting w/about 30K.  I hope that this will help supplement my disability insurance (although I won't touch any profits until 59 & 1/2 due to taxes) & ask that you pray that I have wisdom.  My purpose is not to become rich but have more to give away; even on disability I never give less than 10% and sometimes up to 20+% a month.
I am on track for a healthier summer and pray that you are too.
Brother Rick (Brooklyn, New York State)
Ps. 118:17


I asked for you to pray with me for Sarah C., a mighty woman of the Lord, for healing from skin cancer.
I have heard she is looking very well, and years younger. 
Thank you so much for praying with me for her,
You are in my prayers.
God Bless
In Christ
Victoria (London, U.K.)


After four months, I have finally been promoted to Level 5!  Thank you so much---this means all the difference in the world for the support of my family!                                                                                        (Washington State)

ORIGINAL PRAYER REQUEST (10/6/07): Please pray that I be promoted to Level 5 so that I can be able to keep supporting my family. (Washington State)


Greetings in Jesus' name.
1) Two months back three managers (including my own manager) tried to sack me from my job, but after much prayers and by God's Immense Grace that did not materialize and I am still in the same company.
2) I got promotion and Pay hikes during this year.
3) God's has blessed us with a second girl baby as a Christmas gift and good health for my wife and also a normal delivery.
4) God gave us admission for my first kid in our preferred school itself.  Thanking You.
Sincerely Yours,
Anand. M. (Chennai, India)


I placed a prayer request, a couple of days ago, and wanted to update you on  it.  It was for my friend's grandma.  She really picked up on Christmas day, and the family had a wonderful time together.
On another note the whole family found themselves together at church on Christmas eve which is such wonderful answered prayer.
Thank you.
Mo (Canada)
                                                                                                     ORIGINAL PRAYER REQUEST (12/25/07): Dear Brothers,
I would like to ask prayer for my friend's mom.  Grandma is 84 years old and has just had a spleen-dectomy, her blood platelets were down due to lupus, and a pace maker fitted.  She is now coming down with an infection.  She is already weak from the surgery and needs to heal.  Can you please pray for her healing?  Can you also pray peace into this family?  God is slowly drawing them all towards a real faith in him.  My friend is returning to her first love and her son is considering going to Bible school and witnessing to friends, and other parts of the family are returning to church.  I am hoping that God would draw this entire family to him and that somehow Grandma's illness would be used by God to do this.  I know ultimately we need his will.
I want to thank you.  I will email and let you know how this works out.
Love and Thanks and Prayers,
Mo (Canada)


About three years ago I found your website and sent in a prayer request for prayer for myself.  For the previous two years I had been suffering from what I believed was an infection in my body as well as back trouble I had for many years.  Within a few weeks of sending in my prayer request I received through unusual circumstances an incredible healing.                                                                                                    Gary (Louisville, Kentucky)


We have some great news from Moscow!
Today ***** from the Sanitary Department came to inspect
the Seminary.

As ***** came to the school, Ilya welcomed her with at the door and
noticed a change in her demeanor.  Today she was friendly and very
accommodating.  Obviously, she had a change of attitude about the seminary and approached today's business with an open mind.

She toured various sections of the seminary, pointed out only one minor
issue that needed to be corrected (too many computers in the lab). The
classrooms, offices, and the library were all approved without a problem – thus all of the rooms used for "educational purposes" are now certified.                                                                                                    We are now breathing a big sigh of relief. Thank you for your prayers on
our behalf!
And perhaps the biggest answer to prayer?

Because ***** was late for her next appointment, she asked Ilya
to drive back to her office (she had taken the subway to the school.).  Ilya gladly complied and an interesting and engaging conversation took place in the car that eventually focused on the faith.  A friend of hers had converted to the Adventist movement and ***** had several questions.  Ilya took advantage of the moment and shared with her about his faith. As Ilya told me:

"We talked about Christ Jesus, about the way of salvation, about his death and resurrection, and about common things (between) Russian Orthodoxy and Evangelicals (underline: i.e. His Resurrected life and 2nd coming).  Wonderful, just wonderful!  Glory to God!  Hallelujah! Praise Him!"

Last week, she was antagonistic against evangelicals.  Today she was openly engaged in a conversation about the faith.  Such a change in her disposition can only come through the Holy Spirit!
Thank you for your prayers.
Thomas W. R., Ph.D., President
Eurasian Theological Seminary

ORIGINAL PRAYER REQUEST (8/18/07): This coming Tuesday, August 21, (our Seminary in Russia) ETSM will have a visit from the sanitation department. (Actually, the visit will take place during Monday evening in the USA time zones.). The visit will be led by *****, who just last week began a conversation with our Provost Ilya O. with the following words, “I remember you.  I still don’t like you (from the last visit)… Why are you poisoning our young people?  You are not Russian Orthodox!”  Although Ilya did his best to disarm the situation, it still set the tone for the remainder of the conversation.

Ilya negotiated further with her.  She agreed to visit the seminary on August 21, Tuesday for an inspection. As it turns out, she has enough clout in her department and can say either “I close your building down” or: “I will certify your building.”

So we at ETSM request for your prayers.  Please pray for this Inspector.  May God turn her heart toward us so that she will not do something against us, but rather do all the paper work the way we need for the licensing process.                                                                     Thank you very much in advance for your prayers.                              Thomas W. R., Ph.D., President
Eurasian Theological Seminary


Good day and may God bless you all people who have held my wife and my marriage in prayer.
I wanted to inform you all of what happened at the TRO court hearing at 800 this morning.  My wife Tonga requested a 1 year restraining order against me based primarily on past sins from years ago.  We are both Bible believing, and I asked for promotion and purification so...I requested 4 months and mom to be with our two sons for visitation, and marital counseling.                                                                                     Tonga's request was granted by the Judge in whom I see no fault.  And Tonga didn't look into my eyes, but her's have looked better.  I prayed that God's will be done, and it is.  The good news is she can request the court dissolve or amend the TRO at any time during this year.  She is also going to be going to our church at a service I won't go to.  And I am surrendering it all to Jesus, I may go to Israel to serve if He lets me, but otherwise I plan on being hopeful, faithful to her, and sober minded.
I wanted to say thank you and thank God for each and every one of you who took time out of your schedules to answer when I called. I am assured that God's will will be done in this.
Bless you all again, in Jesus' Name, Amen.
Your brother in Christ,
Richard (Hawaii)
                                                                                                     ORIGINAL PRAYER REQUEST (8/19/07): Good day and may God bless you.
I thank God for you in advance.  I have written your ministry twice now requesting prayer for my marriage to my wife Tonga and for her.  As I said she had requested a TRO be placed against me based on sins that are long past and she knows that.  I am a pacifist and a Bible believing man of God, and am sober now.  The court date is on Monday 0800 AM Hawaii standard Time (3 hours after Cali I think).  Please intercede for us then, and if she doesn't show up, then no TRO.  I just want God's will and His Word performed in this matter and am believing Him for the victory already in my marriage and restoration of my household back to me.  Thank you and your ministry for your help.
Your brother in Christ,
Richard (Hawaii)


Let it never, ever be said that prayer doesn't work.                               We want each of you to know that your prayers have come to this: Tomorrow (Wednesday) morning, 9:00 AM we close on the house in Isanti!
 It has taken 11 weeks, countless tears, concerted screaming and a huge amount of prayer. The last ten days have been so amazing. Even down to today, where the closing was moved from 1:30 PM to 10:30 AM to 9:00 AM.  Everything has just fallen into place as if guided by some great, unseen hand...which, of course, it was.  Then the icing on the cake; the also oft-delayed movers are available on our schedule, and they gave us a surprise discount!
One other thing you should know...we went through some serious storms last night.  I was driving home from teaching a class in Roseville, and ended up seeking cover from dime to quarter sized hail and torrential rain under the awning of an abandoned service station.  The hail was as much as 6 inches deep in spots.  We had 60 - 80 MPH wind gusts that uprooted trees, took down power lines and two inches or more of rain in just a couple of hours.  One of the spruce trees here at our home in Cedar was snapped off 15 feet above the ground and deposited about 12 feet away from the tree.  First thing this morning I drove up to the new house in Isanti.  Everything was fine.  It looks like they/we just had a good rainfall.  Just crossing the Isanti County line, ten miles north of here, was an amazing thing.  Much, much more damage in the county that bills itself as home to the celebration of Halloween than in the one we will be moving to.  Coincidence?
Monk Hans (Minnesota)
                                                                                                     ORIGINAL PRAYER REQUEST (Posted 8/6/07): We have been given a vision of providing a place of rest, renewal and respite for missionaries returning from the field and providing training to new missionaries, with the "side mission" of getting equipment to missionaries who need it. 
One of the great things about our being part of the Knights of Prayer is that it has, after 30 years, brought us together in prayer; a weak area in our lives for almost 30 years. Now we pray the evening "hours" together almost every night. Two weeks ago we began the next step in our commitment, and began praying at 9:00 PM (Central time) on Saturday for the requests on the Prayer Foundation's Prayer Chain. We have been listening to Dr. McGee as much as possible and have also been lifting you both and the Order up in prayer daily.
As I said previously, we want to start a small group fellowship in the new location, which we would like to invite other Minnesota Knights of Prayer monks to take part in, but that is down the road a ways.
We have found a suitable house for our ministry to missionaries and training program, it is in the country and large enough for our living and work, as well as to have 2-4 missionaries staying with us.   It is in the country but close enough to church and work, where everything will fit and that we can afford. However we have been subject to continual spiritual warfare since the sellers, (A young couple who will be serving the Lord in China) accepted our purchase offer, and we have yet to secure a mortgage. The closing has been delayed TEN times, by the mortgage broker or the lender. Yesterday we re-started with a new mortgage broker, but we need a covering of prayer that the delays and obstacles would be past, and this would close quickly.
...I pray that our work and ministry as part of the Knights of Prayer Monastic Order will be glorious to our Lord and Savior and beneficial to missionaries from the world over. "The Deer's Cry" is playing on the Internet radio as I finish this up.
                                                                                                                 Pray for the victims and families of the bridge disaster here in Minnesota, and for the rescuers who responded to the collapse and those still searching for bodies.
Monk Hans (Minnesota)


(Praise Report) Thank you Brothers for your prayers.  I asked that you would pray that I sell my house so I could move back home.  I am not sure what the exact date it was that I asked for prayer, but in less than 2 weeks I had an offer on my house.                                                         Thank you all for your prayers, you are a true blessing from our Lord.  Jim (Alabama)


...and now, I'm walking with a cane not the walker!
My first steps in 9 months!
Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow!                                   (Monk) Pastor Roger


Praise report!                                                                                           Thanks to Jesus for His love in this retreat.                                      Thank to all my friend and all people all over the world, that have been prayed for us.  Charismatic Catholic community in Indonesia.  I have seen and heard many testimonial about experience love of God and Holy Spirit, many young man and women feel love of God, in this retreat.                                                                                                   Jesus love you all,                                                                                 Okky (Indonesia)


Dear Brothers at The Prayer Foundation,                                               I hope you are well. I did not want to be like the lepers who did not come back to say thanks and to give a praise report!!!

I submitted a prayer request in October, for a that time I had been offered a one month job at the same place I am in right now. Well when my one month was over, I was requested to work for another month with the assurance that they could simply not afford to keep me on. Well, as the second month elapsed, a call for proposals from the WHO came in and I was encouraged by my boss to submit a proposal…

...this proposal was granted in February 2007 offering me a 3 year job on a small, challenging but rewarding area in health sciences. Yes the work I am doing is challenging but I know that God’s ways are higher than mine and His thoughts far above mine. 

It is the Perfect see, while I was applying for jobs before...and got all these interviews which stressed me yet all those times I did not really feel I even wanted the jobs I was being interviewed for…I just wanted any job…God in all his mercy and goodness saw it fit to hold me back until a job came along which would offered  emotional, intellectual (career) and material satisfaction…He Is A Good God!!! 

What amazes me even more is that, this job…I was offered without even writing an application or doing an interview…I an praying for wisdom, favor and excellence at this job…an that all the work I do may bring glory to God. Well…That is my praise report and I thank you for praying for me and with me. May God bless you richly and keep you always.           Yours in Christ,                                                                                       Suzanne (Uganda)

Original Prayer Request (11/11/06): Have just completed a PhD but have been struggling to find employment in my country due to being over-qualified...However I have absolute faith that God is turning this around.  I pray and ask you to pray with me that God will open doors for me that no man can close, that He will make a way where there seems to be no way.  That He will surround me with His favor as a shield for with God nothing is impossible and He will provide a good satisfying job for me in Jesus' Mighty Name.                                                             Suzanne (Uganda)


ANSWER TO PRAYER:                                                                      Dear Brothers & Sisters,                                                                        God has blessed me.  I have gotten a new job with great pay and benefits.  I will be on 90 days probation; then my insurance will kick in.  It is temp. to perm., 40 hours a week.  This job sounds a lot easier, even though I never have sold IT solutions, I believe God will guide me and help me through the training so that I can learn it and apply it to all my sales and be able to make the funds I need to support my family.  I have gotten involved in our community, in citizens on patrol, seeking funds to assist our residents with emergencies; we even have a church service in our community center with Bible classes for everyone. Thanks,                                                                                                  Have a wonderful Jesus day,                                                                       Libbie & Faith


Tuipine has regained consciousness, and had first taste of food this evening.  Thank you for your faithful prayers, God bless and intensify his anointing upon you for his service.


Praise God our merciful & loving Healer.  Had requested prayers for Kalifa was in coma since Saturday 28th April. Tuesday 1st May between 12am & 2am he began to recover consciousness.  Wednesday he was taken from intensive care to out of danger ward.  I thank God for your faithful prayers.  God bless you all!


Praise God our Healer, The God who answers prayers.  Around about 11pm last night Samoan time, our Head of State's condition changed miraculously for the better.  His condition took a turn for the worse yesterday evening, but God is faithful, about 12pm last night a miracle occurred, & his condition began to improve.  I know God has healed him & his healing is progressing right now.                                               Thank you,                                                                                             Tifitifi (Samoa)  


Original Prayer Request (5/6/07): Please pray for Kalifa who was injured last Saturday, & has not recovered unconsciousness.  We call upon our Lord the Healer of all Healers, by His stripes we claim his healing.  Please cover his wife and 2 children.

Please pray for our Head of State; because of his age, he is not able to discharge fluid easily; thus build-up of fluid.  Please pray for equipment, to be installed at home, also medical care provided on home basis, so he is not having to move around and transported to and fro from hospital.  He is 95, & finding it more difficult to cope with hospital surroundings.  May Jehovah Rapha our Healer just touch him, and renew his strength like an eagle. 

The Lord has blessed him with long life for a purpose.  It was his forefather who first received the Good News & salvation of Jesus Christ from missionary John Williams, & so conversion of our whole country. If it his time to go home, God's will be done, otherwise the Lord knows our hearts.  We stand on his Word, by His stripes we are healed, & may His healing of our Head of State be an even greater witness to our country & all people that God is alive, & draw more souls to his kingdom.  

Thank you, God bless!                                                                          Tifitifi (Samoa)


Hallelujah, Praise be to God for He truly answers prayers.                  My daughter Ida whom I requested prayers for her exam, received A+ grade.  Thank you for your faithful prayers for our chaplain.  Everything went off well, & God's message was swift & powerful.                     Thank you for your faithful prayers, Sonia whom I requested prayers for has been successful with her application.  She is now the new CEO for our Tourism.                                                                                            May God continue to intensify his anointing upon you all as prayer warriors for our Lord Jesus Christ!                                                         Tifitifi (Samoa)


All praise to God!  All the black is gone, there is only a little scarring covering about one-fifth of the original area.  Thank you so much for your prayers, and especially those who joined us in fasting.

Original Prayer Request (4/15/07): Please pray for our own Monk Bob, 80 years old, who has a two-inch black scab on his right hand that looks very cancerous, and for any other problems that we cannot see (he is one of those people who will not go to a Doctor).  We will be fasting about this matter this week, and invite any others worldwide who would like to join us in this for one or more days. 


Prayer was answered, Grandson is coming home today, they at the hospital could not understand how he got better so quickly, I do. Thank you Jesus.
God bless all that prayed
Ed D. (New Jersey)

Original Prayer Request (3/20/07): My Grandson is in the hospital with pneumonia and other complications. He is six years old and doesn't seem to be responding  to medication. Please pray for a full recovery in the name of Jesus Christ.
God bless you,
Ed D. (New Jersey)


Alleluia! Praise the Lord! Praise and glory be to God!
For He had answered my prayers!
I still have my job, in spite of the sexual harassment
case that was wrongly lodged against me.  My discipline
was a two-day suspension without pay.
All of this for just being too nice, too friendly and
too child-like to a female co-worker.  Glory be to The
Father, and to The Son, and to The Holy Spirit!                                          
Hector C.


ANSWER TO PRAYER (1/4/07): "I have been healed and am now back out on the streets of Portland, Oregon, preaching Salvation through Jesus.  Thank you for your prayers and thanks to Jesus for healing me."                                                                                                         Monk Bob (Portland, Oregon)

ORIGINAL PRAYER REQUEST (11/14/06): Please continue to pray for our own Monk Bob, 80 years old, who is quite weak; recovering from a heart attack and severe gout in both feet to where he cannot walk.   He greatly needs your prayers.                                                               The Prayer Foundation


I've been ill for the past three weeks, lots of severe pain in my heart.  Placed into hospital emergency last Thursday, Oct. 19, transferred to Hospital in New Westminster on Friday, Oct. 20, had minor heart surgery where they put a stint into my main vein that leads into my heart that was 70% blocked.
I claimed healing from God, especially from Psalm 91 and especially verse 2.
I Praise God in the Name of Jesus for healing me, as I was sent home on the Saturday completely Okay!
Monk Ed (British Columbia, Canada)


Dear Prayer Warriors,
God is truth, and so faithful.  Had requested prayers for my husband, & 3 fold ministry: high chief for family, and village, member of judiciary commission, and chaplain for govt. prayer house.
Enemy has been trying for past 2 yrs, ever since he was called into these roles,  to block and destroy him.  Wherever God's favour is, so is Satan.  His high chief role, his inheritance, opposition came from within family, and even when that had been resolved, evil spread to village, but God carried him through all these trials to be finally recognized and accepted within extended family and village. 
Enemy didn't stop there, took matter to court had to be recognized legally, although culturally & genealogically it was his inheritance.  
After much delaying tactics, the Lord took over, and out of the blue, within the matter of half an hour, the court rubber stamped and officially recognized him in eyes of law as the High Chief for his family & village.  8.30am yesterday.
Last Friday was our sponsors thank you dinner.  Everything thing that could go wrong did, and worst part was we couldn't do a thing about it, as it was out of our control.  The dinner was put on by the dept, and we just had to accept, and trust in the Lord.  God is the God of miracles, and what may seem disaster for us, He turns into overwhelming success, that it just blows our minds away.  Monday met up with some of sponsors, and they were very happy, said what a wonderful time they had, it was their fellowship, meeting and talking with one another.    They didn't notice the cramped condition, and physical flaws we knew.  Praise God for loving us so much!
Sunday, service of fasting & prayer.  Although enemies always trying to catch us out, but our God is watching over us, and turns what Satan has in store for us, into good for his children. 
Yesterday my daughter Ida rang excited, received an A+ for her last drama presentation.  She is preparing for her final submissions, and exams.  Thank you so much for your faithful prayers, truly we could not have got this far without your intercession, and faithful prayers. 
Pray our Lord Jesus Christ continue to intensify his anointing upon you all for His service, and glory!
Tifi (Samoa)


Dear beloved,
Thank you for praying for my grandmother. She is much, much better.
In Him,

Vijay (India)


Nancy called and she and her husband are working out their problems. Thank you so much for praying.  She is truly grateful for all prayers.  Jane (California)


I have already lost 20 pounds and have indeed been approved for SSI disability, which a judge has okayed.  Now I can take care of my senior mom so she can retire!  We are also in a church every Sunday and love what God is doing as we are in His perfect will! a Believer, and I still struggle with a mental illness known as O.C.D., and am waiting on the Lord to heal me of so much anxiety! Thanks for your prayers and be blessed.
My name withheld for privacy reasons!


Praise God, my Hepatitus C viral level is Undetectable! After only 3 months of the 1 yr. of treatment; plus no signs of anemia!
...And as an Extra Heavenly bonus---my HIV viral level is Also undetectable.                                                                                                God Is Good!!!  Thank you Jesus!
(In the past I had very high viral levels, i.e. my Hepatitus C as high as 19 million; I also had bad past reactions to liver treatment, getting severe anemia & having to be hospitalized 2xs last year for emergency blood transfusions...many or most get many side effects to these weekly injections, but this time I am doing very well...Thank you ...Jesus Is The Great Physician!)                                                                                     Ricardo A. (Brooklyn, New York)


Dear Prayer Warriors,
Praise our wonderful wonderful Lord Jesus Christ!  I requested prayers for my husband Afamasaga who is chieftain of his clan.  He was banned from village, because he stood up for one of village youths involved in brawl.  The youth was fined a very ridiculous amount.  There was no way he could possibly pay fine.  Much of village laws still practiced belongs to dark ages.  My husband preached Jesus into the council meeting in way of reforming some of these laws.  Has made many enemies since involved in village affairs.
However, your prayers were answered, and even though he did not agree to the penalty, and ban, but he obeyed the law.  He rounded up his family, and raised the amount for the fine.  On delivering it, the council were emotional, and thanked him for his godly wisdom, and pardoned all the chiefs totaling 6, who had also been banned from village, some had been out for several years, but because of Afamasaga, they received pardon.  It was truly an emotional time. 
Praise, glory, and honour be returned to our heavenly Father! 
Thank you for your faithful service for our Lord Jesus Christ!
Tifitifi (Samoa)


Dearly Beloved of The Lord:                                                                "Thank you so much for your prayers" & thank God in June of 93' they gave an atheist in his hospital room 6 months to live & in 2006, I'm born again---and the Lord added many years to my life.
The Lord bless & keep you & praying for a good summer for you.
Brother Rick


The doctor tested Matt's tissue under the melanoma and it was only in the epidermis (skin) his prognosis is very good, no chemo or anything required.  Next week they are checking the cells to be sure they are still clear. Thank you for praying.                                                              Donna (Massachusetts)


Dear beloved,
I thank you and your ministry for your love, prayers and support.
My uncle's got a job!

Thanking you once again.
In Him,
Vijay (India)

Could you pray for my uncle who is going through a terrible time with...a lost job.  Please pray for the Lord's guidance and that he gets a job.
Vijay (India)


Thank you so much for praying; now and give thanks with us to God!  Monk Bob's back is no longer bothering him.                                              (Portland, Oregon)  

ORIGINAL PRAYER REQUEST (3/22/06): Please pray for our own Monk Bob, who recently began suffering from much low back pain and problems due to the delayed effect of an injury received many years ago.                                                                                                           (Portland, Oregon)


Praise the Lord, Jeff was discharged from the hospital today.            Jane (California)


Andi had the surgery and everything is fine!  No Cancer or other problems were found!  Thank you for praying,                                          Robert (Washington State) 

ORIGINAL PRAYER REQUEST (1/25/06): Please pray for a lady named Andi who is going into surgery.  Pray that they not find any Cancer or anything else serious.                                                                    Robert (Washington State)


Praise the Lord!  JoAnn and Stephanie went to church with us today (what a blessing the service was for us) and Joanne brought another friend with her.  They all say they are going to go from now on, they love the church.  The Lord's done so much for us, Praise His Holy Name! 
Thank you so much. God bless.                                                              Love, Jane (California)

                                                                                                                     Thank you for your prayers as my nephew is now married after a long search for a suitable bride.  Once again, many, many thanks for your timely prayers.
Yours gratefully,
Philomena F. 


We thank and Praise the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for his Overflow of blessings on our family this year - 2005, in the form of:
1) My Job Promotion.
2) Baby.
3) New Job.
4) New House and,
5) Lot's of other blessings.
We thank you, your ministry; for your fervent prayers and
blessings on our family.
We will pray for your Ministry that this coming year: 2006, be filled with
surprise blessings, end-time intensified anointing
upon your ministry, loved ones and partners.
Please do pray for us too...upon our family and that in the new house I should start a Care-cell Ministry.
We conclude by wishing you and yours "A Very Happy, Prosperous and Blessed New Year - 2006"!!!
Thanking You,
Sincerely Yours,

Anand, wife Jerline, and baby Evelyn (Madras, India)


Bless God!  The plan to kill believers in Himachal Pradesh (India) if they did not reconvert to Hinduism has been thwarted. 
The date set was Sunday the 20th of November. The only ceremony that day was church!  And the police, who had been trying to stay uninvolved, actually met with the Hindu community (including the media!) and explained that Christian conversion was one of choice and that the new believers had not been coerced. They told the people that those who had been speaking against the church were misleading them. The pastor's son said they met without incident.
Brother Seamus (Ontario, Canada)
                                                                                                              ORIGINAL PRAYER REQUEST (11/18/05): Please pray for the believers in the Himachal Pradesh region of India.  A group of radical Hindus have beaten a pastor and threatened to burn more than 60 new converts to death if they do not re-convert to Hinduism. 
This area is home to a large shrine to the Hindu "god" Shiva, and since the tourist visits are so important to the local economy the police are dragging their feet in becoming involved.
Please pray for the protection of the believers, and pray that the hearts of the attackers would be softened to the gospel.
Thank you again for praying.
Brother Seamus (Ontario, Canada)


Blessings all!!!  During the summer I asked you to pray for my cousin who was in the midst of a difficult pregnancy.  I am DELIGHTED!!! to report that on Monday she delivered a beautiful 8 pound, 4 ounce baby girl named Khloey Jane.  Both are doing well, and they are expected home in the next few days.
Brother Seamus (Ontario, Canada)


The Lord healed my mother-in-law Marilyn's problem that was preventing the weight gain, so they were able to have a Gall Bladder operation, which also went successfully.  The pancreatic cancer has been shrinking for months  now since you have been praying for her, and is now down to the size of a walnut and not spreading.                                 Annette (Goldendale, Washington State)

ORIGINAL PRAYER REQUEST (8/24/05): Please pray for complete healing  for my mother-in-law, Marilyn, who has Pancreatic Cancer and Gall Bladder problems.   She had been recovering from your prayers and the Cancer shrinking when she had a Gall Bladder attack.  They need to operate on this first, but cannot because her weight is too low (95 lbs.) due to the Chemo-therapy.  She also has an additional problem that makes it very difficult for her to gain weight.                           Annette (Goldendale, Washington State)


Praise God for His faithfulness!  A short time ago I asked your to pray for our friend Gord, who had been suddenly, unexpectedly released from his long term job with a Christian service agency.  I just learned today that he has signed a one-year management contract with a ministry that works with folks leaving prison.  This is very much in his heart, and it will allow him more time in direct contact with the people he helps.  Our thanks to our fellow warriors around the world for your faithfulness in prayer.
Brother Seamus (Ontario, Canada)


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