Abbey Chapel, Iona:


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  Abbey Chapel, Iona

From this Island of Iona, Missionary Monks were sent out to the Scottish Picts, and the Anglo-Saxons of Northern England... tell the them the glorious Good News that Jesus died for their sins and was raised from the dead and is now alive and seated at the right hand of God the Father, able to save to the uttermost all who repent and call on His (Jesus') Name.   Have you repented (are sorry for) your sins, and accepted Jesus into your heart, as your personal Lord and Saviour?

For more on this subject see: The Plan of Salvation.

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The husband of a friend of ours took the picture at left: it's where they got married a long time ago (she's Scottish and gave us permission to share it with you).

The Irish Monk, Colum Cille (Columba, in English) was exiled from Ireland and went to the Scottish Island of Iona where he founded a Monastery.  

From here the Monks sent out missionaries to evangelize the Picts, and eventually the English (at that time they were still known as Anglo-Saxons).  Oh yes, and they also made The Book of Kells.  We saw The Book of Kells when we were at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland (see: Our Goals).  We still haven't been to the Island of Iona off Scotland.  It's one of our goals for the future (the Lord willing). _____________